Updated Map of Proposed Route

Based on new information including map points from Floyd County landowners who have been contacted by requests for easement surveys, this new map provides more current information about specific county farmland, streams, roadways, forests, churches, businesses and home places potentially impacted by the construction of this inter-state natural gas pipeline.

More specific details about particular communities along this updated path will be available soon.


Click this link for a larger view. 


Short-term Energy Shell-game


But what if it’s all just a short-term bubble?  http://shalebubble.org/


The Reality is that the so-called shale revolution is nothing more than a bubble, driven by record levels of drilling, speculative lease & flip practices on the part of shale energy companies, fee-driven promotion by the same investment banks that fomented the housing bubble, and by unsustainably low natural gas prices. Geological and economic constraints – not to mention the very serious environmental and health impacts of drilling – mean that shale gas and shale oil (tight oil) are far from the solution to our energy woes.

▶ High productivity shale plays are not ubiquitous and wells suffer from very high rates of depletion.

▶ Because depletion rates are so high and drilling locations increasingly unproductive, industry is forced to drill ever more wells just to offset declines.

▶ Wall Street promoted the shale gas drilling frenzy in order to profit from mergers & acquisitions, resulting in prices lower than the cost of production.



Pipeline Companies: NO Eminent Domain in KY


The judge ruled that “the Bluegrass Pipeline doesn’t fall under the definition of “public service” stated in the law, and also doesn’t count as a common carrier”. From the opinion:

“Bluegrass is a private, for-profit unregulated entity engaging in the interstate transportation of NGLs. It is not acting ‘in public service,’ and therefore it falls outside the scope of KRS Chapter 278. The proposed pipeline transports NGLS through Kentucky, but does not have any impact on the energy needs of Kentuckians. Bluegrass argues that the pipeline will be available for Kentucky manufacturers and producers. However, the only stated purpose of the pipeline is to transport NGLs to the Gulf Coast to be processed and sold in Louisiana; not to provide natural gas to Kentuckians, but to have NGLs, a mixture of highly dangerous chemicals, running through Kentucky farmland and forests, and near rural communities.”

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First Floyd meeting

CPFC pipeline meeting July 17, 2014 at the Floyd Country Store. (Photo by Larry Tueller).

An overflow crowd came out Thursday July 17 to the Floyd Country store to hear a briefing and express views about the Mountain View Pipeline proposal recently floated by a Pittsburg-based company EQT.

News coverage included the Floyd Press article by Wanda Combs and the Blue Ridge Muse article by Doug Thompson.