Not in my headwaters

You’ll be hearing this a lot: NIMH. 

Not in my headwaters. 

Floyd County’s ecosystem is especially unique and sensitive because of our water table. We are on the Eastern Continental Divide. No water flows into the county. But the springs and streams that originate here feed three watersheds: the Upper Roanoke, the Upper New and the Upper Dan. These watersheds feed 28 counties and four metropolitan areas. They cover over 10,000 miles of waterways.

Pollution to the streams in Floyd from blasting during construction of this pipeline could affect everyone’s water–it is all interconnected. And a rupture or accident of any kind would be devastating, not just to us but to everyone downstream.

We are not simply saying “not in my back yard.”

We’re saying:


“Water will be a high-level concern when considering the possible long-term impacts of the proposed Mountain Valley pipeline across Floyd County. Our Blue Ridge geology presents unique uncertainties and known risks from groundwater contamination.”
water in floyd