Why No Pipeline?

“No Fracked Gas Pipeline in Floyd County”

Why do we stand in opposition and resistance to the proposed  “Mountain-Valley” fracked gas pipeline running through Floyd County?

The proposed fracked gas pipeline project:

  • would severely threaten our pure water, wells, rivers, wetlands, soil, and forests;
  • would create a dangerous, interstate-sized construction and easement corridor;
  • would not create many jobs – local clean energy projects could create more jobs;
  • would put us at risk for explosions, fires, chemical leaks, and other disasters;
  • would be likely to decrease property values and raise insurance rates; and
  • would take away landowners’ rights.

We stand with farmers, loggers, local businesses, environmentalists, families, and citizens who say no to the pipeline. Preserving Floyd for our children and grandchildren means saying NO TO THE PIPELINE.


A National Issue

This is a national issue, and people are outraged by the damage and destruction caused by ‘Natural’ gas pipelines across the country.  This is a list of recent news articles culled from Environmental Health News, a non-profit organization based in Charlottesville, Va. that keeps track of environmental and safety issues.  Here’s an EHN search for “gas pipeline.” As of August, 2014, it brought up over 13,500 items, most involving damage to the environment or opposition to to pipelines.   A month’s worth of items follow: