Moving Forward With Support and Outreach

Yes. It’s true! The proposed Mountain Valley Pipeline will NOT be routed through Floyd County. Here in Floyd, we are celebrating and breathing deep sighs of relief.

So now we turn our attention to those who still need our support.

Many have asked: “Will you still have your landowner’s meeting now that Floyd’s landowners will not be affected?”

Yes. Floyd wants to reach out with support and resources to Montgomery, Franklin, Roanoke, Giles, Pittsylvania, Henry, WV and any other landowners who are willing to make the drive to the Floyd Country Store tomorrow night.

We will have landowner’s handbooks (you can also download them here), supportive folks who are eager to share strategies and ideas, and some tips on how you can say no to the surveying activity in the most comprehensive way possible.

So join us tomorrow, Thursday, October 9th  at the Floyd Country Store at 6 PM. Please enter through the side door to the left of the store. The meeting will be upstairs.

This meeting is open to any and all affected landowners along the proposed route for the Mountain Valley Pipeline, and is intended specifically for those who have received letters from EQT/Coates or who’ve gotten a call from them identifying them as potentially affected by the Mountain Valley Pipeline project. We welcome affected landowners from surrounding counties to join us in Floyd.

We are hoping to set up a network of landowners to better pinpoint
the route, establish needs specific to landowners, and ensure that everyone receives information to help them deal with this issue.

Have YOU gotten a letter or a call from Coates? Hope to see you there.