Get Involved

For those of you who want to help, we want you to know that there’s a lot you CAN do to help! One thing EVERYONE can do is to talk to your friends & neighbors.  And if you have some more time…

1 Minute Task

Social Media (facebook etc) Like us on Facebook, share a message, link or image that gets the word out about how dangerous this pipeline would be to our community.

15 Minute Task

Write a Letter to the Editor – our newspaper is willing to publish your opinion and our community needs to hear from more than one person. Here are some Guidelines.

25 Minute Task

Write a Letter to a Political Official – these days letters make more of a statement than emails, but either works. Use our Letter Writing Toolkit to help you draft an short, simple, yet effective letter in no time.

1 Hour + Tasks

Man a Booth, Come to an Event, Join a Committee – your participation is vital, the more bodies present at an event the better. Contact us to participate.

and if you haven’t already…

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