Nature Not Our Golden Egg if We Kill the Goose

Do you think that the chief purpose of natural places and communities of the planet is for human transformation into more and more human stuff forever? Or do forests or coral reefs or estuaries have rights to legal protection (as much as now afforded to corporations)?

Communities not unlike Floyd County’s population are impacted today by coal ash storage ponds that will contaminate their aquifers; they live downstream from mountaintop coal mining; they suffer genetic deformities in their newborns because of toxic industrial waste abandoned by the industries that created them.

Citizens of Floyd County have recently faced the real threat of massive fracking-gas pipelines that will potentially be putting our neighboring counties and their citizens and properties at risk.

Do communities in Giles, Franklin, Floyd and Montgomery Counties have rights to prevent degradation of their water, soil, air and way of life — even if corporation-states blow off those human needs and rights as impediments to their profit?

We are at last acknowledging that, if our local ecosystems become unhealthy, the humans and non-human creatures that depend on those living systems will also become unwell.

If we know these kinds of abuses of people and planet are wrong, what is a community on the ground in the path of known or anticipated natural-system damage to do in the face of what seems to be an indifferent, omnipotent, un-stoppable corporatocracy?

These are not academic questions and thankfully, the solutions are not theoretical but real and available. Preserve Floyd is in the process of learning how to use these solutions for the common good in Floyd County and southwest Virginia in similar ways that locally-drafted ordinances have been used in 110 municipalities across the country.

The Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund will provide guidance and assistance as we craft a draft ordinance in support of ongoing health and justice for those in-common natural resources within our shared habitat of Floyd County–water, soil, forests and more.

Come learn more this Sunday , from 3 to 5 p.m., at the public meeting of Preserve Floyd: Citizens Preserving Floyd County. Location is the Junebug Center across from the Jacksonville Center on Route 8 just south of the town of Floyd towards the BR Parkway.

The Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund : Rights of Nature: Background


Community Meeting: Sunday, Dec. 14th at the June Bug Center

Please join us for a gathering that is sure to be filled with creative, unexpected twists and turns and a rousing group of active citizens.

Preserve Floyd: Citizens Preserving Floyd County will host a community meeting at the June Bug Center on Sunday, December 14 from 3-5 PM.

Please join us to explore how we can preserve, protect and enhance the environment of Floyd County, how we can proactively work together to address any future threats that might come our way, and how we can support our friends and neighbors in surrounding counties in their work to keep the dangerous and unwelcome Mountain Valley Pipeline out of their communities.

Citizens Preserving Floyd County is a grassroots community endeavor that intends to listen, respond to and participate with the citizens of Floyd. We want to hear your ideas for the future. We want your voices in the mix and your presence at the table. We’d love your help if you have volunteer time you’d like to offer!

We intend to foster discussion about how we can continue to PRESERVE FLOYD and also help to Preserve Roanoke County, Preserve the NRV, Preserve Franklin, Preserve Giles, Preserve Pittsylvania, Preserve Montgomery, Preserve Virginia and West Virginia and safeguard our resources as a global community.



Sunday, December 14 from 3-5 PM at The June Bug Center. 

We hope very much to see you there.

You can RSVP to the event and find more information HERE.